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Are you planning every detail of your wedding? Creating a timeline can become confusing. As a bride, you need a detailed agenda. However, most of your vendors don't consider the fact that you are getting up at 6am for hair and makeup (that's not a need to know for them). 

Creating a good timeline is a vital element to ensure your day goes off without a hitch. It's more than I do's, dinner and dancing. 

A great timeline is valuable for vendors (set-up/tear down), venues (vendor + guest arrivals), and let's not forget about you & your tribe to keep you all on track for the important times throughout the day. 

I would love to help you create the perfect timeline, whether you are hiring All the Pretty Things Weddings for your day or not. The worst thing that could happen, is forgetting an important detail or not timing things appropriately. Let a professional take at least one thing off of your plate and create something for you and your vendors. 


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